Thank you for your interest in Under a Warm Green Linden and Green Linden Press. We are currently reading submissions in the following categories: 

  • poetry submissions for Under a Warm Green Linden, Issue 14: Indigenous Ecopoetry, scheduled for publication on Winter Solstice 2022, guest-edited by Beatrice Szymkowiak
  • book-length manuscripts for the inaugural Stephen Mitchell Prize for Poetry in Translation
  • poetry submissions for a forthcoming anthology, Essential Queer Voices of U.S. Poetry
  • interviews with poets and reviews of poetry books are read and published year-round for Under a Warm Green Linden

Under a Warm Green Linden, Issue 14: Indigenous Ecopoetry

Guest editor Beatrice Szymkowiak invites Indigenous writers to submit poems for a special issue to be published in December 2022. A frequent contributor to Under a Warm Green Linden, Beatrice is the author of RED ZONE and a graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts; she holds a PhD in English/Creative Writing with specializations in Environmental Literature & Ecocriticism and Indigenous Contemporary Poetry from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. We are interested in poems that illustrate, redefine, or reimagine relationships—land, nature, culture, history—to expand the possibilities of ecopoetics.

  • Please send up to five unpublished poems as either doc, docx, or pdf.
  • Include a brief biographical statement and mention your tribal affiliation in the space provided.
  • Notification will be within three months.
  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed.
  • Poems will be published in Under a Warm Green Linden, our digital journal; selections from the issue may be published in our broadside series.
  • If your poems are accepted, Green Linden Press will request first serial rights; after publication, all rights will return to the poet.
  • Submitters to Under a Warm Green Linden agree to receive updates about future publications and submission opportunities. You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Questions or comments: contact Beatrice Szymkowiak at bszymko at gmail dot com

The Stephen Mitchell Prize for Poetry in Translation

Stephen Mitchell has written or translated over twenty books. He has brought into English lucid, beautiful translations of Yehuda Amichai, Homer, Pablo Neruda, Rainer Maria Rilke, and such foundational texts as the Tao Te Ching, Gilgamesh, and Genesis, among others. In honor of Mitchell’s linguistic and poetic acumen, Green Linden Press will award the Prize for an unpublished book-length manuscript translated from any language into English.

  • Contest awards $1000 and publication.
  • All finalists considered for publication.
  • We welcome simultaneous submissions, multiple submissions, and co-translated manuscripts.
  • Send an unpublished manuscript with identifying information removed. Manuscript should contain at least 48 pages of poetry translated into English. 
  • Include an acknowledgments page indicating translations that have been previously published.
  • Include a cover letter with a short biographical statement for the author and translator(s). 
  • Also, please briefly describe the merit of the work you are submitting: Why is it important that these translations be available to an English-reading audience? If the poet's work has been previously translated into English, what makes this manuscript distinct and necessary?
  • When submitting your manuscript, you will be asked to indicate your relationship to the translation rights. Please indicate if the work is in the public domain or who holds the translation rights. If you have been granted permission by the poet or the rights holder, please indicate this.
  • The reading fee is necessary because it helps fund the publication of our books. There are several options: (1) general reading fee ($25), (2) a discounted rate for students and those experiencing financial difficulty ($15), and (3) general reading fee and a discounted book ($32, shipping included)—note: we are not offering this for international submitters.
  • Green Linden Press intends to publish one or more manuscripts from this contest; however, we reserve the right to publish no manuscripts if we feel that none fit our aesthetic.
  • Contest will judged by Christopher Nelson, the editor of Green Linden Press, in consultation (if necessary) with an advisory board of poets and translators.
  • A portion of the proceeds from this contest will support reforestation efforts.
  • Submitters to Green Linden Press agree to receive updates about future publications and submission opportunities. You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Direct comments or questions to Christopher Nelson, editor: greenlindenpress at gmail dot com.
  • Deadline: October 1. Contest results will be announced in December.

The Essential Voices anthology series intends to make less insular the various poetries of the world, to bridge readers to cultures misunderstood and under- or misrepresented. It has at its heart the ancient idea that poetry can unite us by revealing our shared humanity. This anthology, the second in the series, will feature new or recent poetry by living queer U.S. poets. (We're using "queer" in the broad sense: people who live outside mainstream sexual and gender norms.) 

•   Please send up to six pages of new or recent poetry.

•   If poems have been previously published, include acknowledgments with your bio.

•   Include a brief biographical statement in the space provided.

•   Unless you specify otherwise, the editor will also consider unpublished work for the biannual journal Under a Warm Green Linden. 

•   Submission deadline: October 1, 2022.

•   Questions or comments: contact Christopher Nelson at greenlindenpress at gmail dot com

Under a Warm Green Linden publishes reviews of poetry and interviews with established and emerging poets that deepen, illuminate, and complicate an understanding of their work. We are interested in excellent poetry of all subjects and styles by a diversity of authors.

•   We prefer reviews of forthcoming or recently published books of poetry or older books that warrant being newly considered. 

•   We prefer interviews and reviews that are at least 800 words. 

•   We do not consider reviews of self-published books or books of genres other than poetry. 

•   Reviewers and interviewers of accepted pieces will be featured in our contributors section.

•   Simultaneous submissions are allowed but discouraged; we respond within three weeks.

•   Please note that this call for reviews and interviews is not a request to send manuscripts for us to review. 

•   Submitters to Under a Warm Green Linden agree to receive updates about future publications and submission opportunities. You can unsubscribe at any time. 

•   Questions or comments: contact Christopher Nelson at greenlindenpress at gmail dot com. 

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